Swimming pool leak repair Johannesburg

Have you looked out onto your garden and the picture-perfect image of a beautiful blue pool seems to be distorted by an image of a green half-filled pool, or even worse, an empty pool?

Fear not, Swimming pool leak repair Johannesburg  are here to make your dreams come true and ensure your pool is up and running in no time! Whether your pool is fiberglass, concrete, above ground or even a jacuzzi, if it needs repairs, we can fix it.

Our team of specialists will handle your pool repairs from start to end with the greatest of pleasure. We understand the value of a working pool. We will assess the pool repairs needed and provide you with a quote, the quote will also include a time estimation of the job. As well as a detailed breakdown of the costs.

Once you have given us the go-ahead, we will assign our team of experts to your job. On the first day, the pool will be drained to ensure maximum exposure to the repair location. The damaged area is then sanded down, with a plaster that is then filled into the crack, with another special plaster then placed over it.

The area is then given adequate time to dry. The drying part is unfortunately the longest duration when it comes to the repair process. This is to ensure that you won’t have the exact same problem again.

Once completely dried, the pool is then filled, and the final step is taken to ensure that your newly repaired area can handle all the pressure. This is done by means of a pressure test. Once this has been completed, we consider our job complete.

Swimming pool leak repair Johannesburg  oversee your repairs from the very start to finish and we will follow up with you to ensure your complete satisfaction on all repairs completed.