How long does the average pool repair take?

  • Pool repairs and the timeline for them vary from each client as every situation may be different. On average though, pool repairs can take anything from one to two weeks.

Do you offer finance if we are looking at getting a new pool?

  • Unfortunately, not. We do however recommend that if this is the way you are wanting to go, to possibly investigate options that your bank or home loan provider may be able to offer under home improvements or renovations.

Why is my pool always green?

  • This could be as a result of a number of factors. Some as simple as the sweeping brush that you use is no longer effective and therefore leaving quite a vit of algae residue in your pool creating the perfect environment for a reoccurring problem. Or it could simply be the type of chlorinated product that you use. We can offer our services to come out and have a look at your pool as we would be able to better asses what Is the common cause.

Do you offer a guarantee or a warranty on all your work and repairs?

  • Yes, we do. We offer a 24 month guarantee on all our workmanship as well as a 12-month warranty on all of our products used.

How do you check if chlorine level in your pool is too high?

  • This can be done with an easy chlorine test. If your PH level in your pool tests too high, or you find that you may be suffering from skin irritation and sore eyes after swimming, this would be your indication that your levels are too high. You would then need to take the necessary steps to reduce the levels.